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All support is provided by CTI employees and is not outsourced. Support is provided by phone and by email.

CTI's customer support website is a centralized portal for customer support. The support website provides access to a customer's support tickets and also contains PDFs of all user documentation (for unlimited download and/or printing by users for the purpose of store use) and videos of any training which was provided by webinar.

A support ticket is created on the support website for all customer support requests, whether submitted by email or by telephone. Users can also create the ticket themselves directly. The support website allows users to track the progress of the request and review all communication with regard to the request.

Telephone support is provided from 8:00am – 6:00pm Eastern time, Monday – Friday, excluding standard holidays. Support is also provided 24/7 through CTI's support website. The support website is monitored outside of business hours. Urgent requests are addressed immediately through call-back or email.