Integrated used book buy-back

Booksaurus has been created by Carleton Technologies Inc. to make it easy to buy and sell used books. The genius of Booksaurus is that it can be fully integrated with your existing cashier set-up. Once the list of used books you want to buy back is entered into the Booksaurus database, your cashiers have real-time access to that list. Cashiers will be able to buy back the books you want, and the database will track which books and how many are bought, automatically updating the list as books are purchased. Because Booksaurus is web-based, it is scalable according to the size of your bookstore and can be easily incorporated into your existing store set-up, making it simple to increase your used book sales and purchases.

screenshot of booksaurus website

If your store already uses Carleton Technologies' Bookware Campus Retail Solution, buying back used books becomes even easier, as Booksaurus is fully integrated with Bookware's Course Planning, Purchasing and Receiving modules, as well as BookwarePOS.

Used books are an important component of your textbook sales. Used books are always in demand, and the ability to supply your customers with a greater used book selection will lead to greater customer satisfaction. Put simply, signing up with Booksaurus will increase your used book buying power. Booksaurus can enable you to more efficiently buy back used books from your customers, and the more used books you can supply, the happier your used book buying customers will be. Most bookstores avoid buying back used books because of all the logistical problems involved. Booksaurus automatically maintains your order lists with each course update and updates the buyback list with each used book purchased. With Carleton Technologies' Booksaurus, it has never been easier to increase your used book sales and improve customer satisfaction.

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