Our Team

Decades of experience in the Canadian retail environment

Carleton Technologies has been supplying, implementing, and supporting its retail management software in public sector environments for over 30 years . CTI's point of sale and retail management software is currently in use at more than 35 institutions across Canada, from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

Carleton Technologies is a small company with dedicated staff. CTI's customer service and support staff go above and beyond expectations to ensure that our customers' systems and stores are functioning smoothly.

Herb Osborne, President

Herb Osborne is the president of CTI and has over forty years of business experience. Herb has seen how the industry has changed over time and he has led CTI to meet the new challenges which have risen in the industry.

Peter Osborne, VP of Operations

Peter has worked at CTI and in the POS industry for two decades. He understands retail in the public sector and has experience working with IT departments and Finance departments to achieve effective integrations. Peter has a track-record of providing efficient solutions for the challenges faced by each unique retail environment. With his extensive experience, Peter has a breadth of knowledge of the retail environment which enables him to identify and resolve issues at every level.

Support Team

All support is provided by CTI's in-house support team and is never outsourced. Our support team can always be reached by phone or email. Our frontline support staff are highly knowledgeable about all aspects of system operations and can help customers resolve most operational issues quickly.

If technical or bilingual support is required, the request is escalated to Nathalie, who provides CTI's senior technical and operational support. Nathalie is bilingual and has worked in the computer and software industry for 20 years and has been providing support for CTI's products for over 10 years. She brings a level of dedication and knowledge to our customers which is well above average in the support industry.