Satisfied clients, long-term customers

Bookware is currently in use in more than 35 institutions across Canada, from Newfoundland to British Columbia, with a total of more than 80 individual campus retail/food service locations. Our customers range from 2 to 60+ (back-office) users; from 3 to 41 POS terminals; from 1 to 18 store locations. The Bookware system is in use at colleges and universities which range from 700 students to 86 500 students.

FastLane, the general retail version of our retail management software, is used by various businesses, including grocery, general merchandise, clothing, craft and hobby supplies, and events/admissions.

CTI is proud of our track record of maintaining long-term solutions for our customers, with our oldest current customer having installed their system in 1990. Twelve of our current installations have been using CTI's retail systems for a decade or more.