Carleton Technologies
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Using re-manufactured cartridges is:
  • economical - up to 50% off new cartridge prices
  • cost-effective - receive credit for returning empty cartridges
  • time-efficient - remade cartridges last just as long or longer than the originals
  • environmentally responsible - re-manufacturing keeps empty cartridges out of landfill sites
Because our laser cartridges are re-manufactured using new parts, not just re-filled, Carleton Technologies confidently gives a one year warranty with every cartridge sold. Search our constantly expanding printer list to discover how Carleton Technologies' re-manufactured cartridges can save you money.

There are three ways to order your cartridge:
  1. Search for your printer model number, or
  2. Search for your printer brand, or
  3. Browse our bestselling cartridges (there's a good chance that there are a few other people out there with the same printer as you).

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